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Spectra EMP Sdn Bhd is a hub for creativity which is 100% Bumiputera owned. We have experience in designing, constructing and managing exhibition booths. Our team consists of industry experts ranging from creatives, strategists, producers and production managers. Spectra EMP Sdn Bhd also owns and operates one of the largest inventory of video LED screens in Malaysia.

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We are dedicated to delivering professionally managed experiences that attract, engage, entertain and reinforce your brand. We approach each project with meticulous planning and research, to ensure client aims are met and the event goes smoothly.


You might be the best at what you do, but your target market needs to know this. Spectra EMP will help you generate buzz and desire for your products or services by creating content that will leave a lasting impression.


Mesmerise audiences through a series of carefully thought out visuals, infographics and video stories and help them relate to you. We will help you gain the audiences you need to propel your company/brand forward.

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Led Screen Rental Supplier Malaysia

Led Screen Rental Supplier Malaysia Nova Spectra Sdn Bhd | Nova Media

Led Screen Rental Supplier Malaysia Nova Spectra Sdn Bhd | Nova Media

Led Screen Rental Supplier Malaysia. NOVA SUPERSCREEN specializes in LED Screens and serve to the market as a service provider for rental and operations of Digital Display. NOVA SUPERSCREEN owns and operates one of the largest selection of full High Definition LED screen panels in Malaysia. Keeping up to world standard, we operate with one of the BEST LED equipments. For over 15 years NOVA SUPERSCREEN has been providing a turn-key solution for its clients’ AV requirements.

Led Screen Rental Supplier Malaysia

Spectra LED Sdn Bhd is a company formed as part of the Nova Spectra Group, providing fixed Digital Display solutions and Full Aftersales Services to Media Owners, Advertising Agencies, MICE Venues, Sports Venues and Government Agencies. Realizing the importance of Digital Signage Displays and it’s benefits to the market along with the experience harnessed from more than 17 years in the technically demanding LED Display Rental industry, Spectra LED is truly a specialized company providing end-to-end services tailor made to it’s clients needs.

Nova Media specializes in interactive live, dynamic, and real time content creation and management. We intend to simplify Digital Out Of Home advertising for every brand and agency making it effective, affordable and efficient. Nova Media uses the most high quality and innovative LED display system to create a memorable impact with the brand.

LED Screen Rental Supplier Malaysia.

Led Screen Rental Supplier Malaysia

• We offer complete LED Digital Display Solution to our clients with full sales and after sales service
• Project management and installation of LED Digital Display
• Maintenance and repair works
• Offers multimedia services which includes Digital Content Creation and Management, Wireless Infrastructure Solution, Media Network Solution
• We are able to offer an end to end solution in terms of Operations, Maintenance, Content Creation and even Marketing it to clients, or any other solution that is tailor made to your needs